Here's how to order from The Dave Steffen Band while our new online store is being built.

Orders are handled and processed by Music Box, Sheboygan, WI. If you choose to use a credit card, this is the business name you will see on your statement. If you prefer to use the telephone to order, simply call (940) 458-0951 or write out your order and fax to (920) 452-8496. A $4.50 shipping and handling charge is added for one CD, and $1.00 for each additional CD ordered..

If you would like to use PayPal to handle your order, please email the band direct with the CDs you wish to order. We will get back to you with complete instructions including price with shipping charges.

Find Dave's Albums (And the String Benders) on iTunes (you must have iTunes installed on your computer. (Download and Install now)) . AND at CDBaby!! *

* - They're regular MP3 files that play easily on ANY MP3 player you use, whether iPod, cellphone, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

* - The MP3s are encoded at top-audiophile-quality (~200k VBR), higher than iTunes or any other major store.

Click on an album link below to open iTunes and go directly to the album for purchase and download, OR to CD Baby!

I Tunes CDBaby
Dave Steffen Band: Find a Groove Dave Steffen Band: Find a Groove
Dave Steffen Band: Half A Million Miles Dave Steffen Band: Half A Million Miles
Dave Steffen Band: Eve of Autumn Dave Steffen Band: Eve of Autumn
String Benders: Northern Lights String Benders: Northern Lights
Dave Steffen Band: Give Me a Thrill Dave Steffen Band: Give Me a Thrill
   1. Select the CD you wish to purchase.

"Check the boxes next to the album you wish to purchase. You will have the opportunity to indicate quantity on the next page and will be able to preview your order summary before it is finally processed."

Our orders are not processed on a secure server. If you would like to purchase the latest CD from a secure server chose one of the options above. If you have other concerns about ordering online, simply print the last screen you see and mail your order along with your check to the address shown on the print out or write your credit card information (card holder name, number, expiration date) and fax to 920 803-5066

Prices listed below do not include shipping and handling. CDs are shipped US Mail. There is a $3.50 shipping charge per order, plus a $1.00 per item handling fee.

Item   Description   Price
Find a Groove   Newest Dave Steffen Band Release $ 15.00
Eve of Autumn   Dave Steffen Band $ 15.00
Northern Lights   String Benders $ 15.00
Half A Million Miles   Includes Drive My Car, Cool Clear Water $ 13.00
Flying Potion   Includes Way of the Witch, Flying Potion $ 13.00
Give Me A Thrill   Includes Hot Mover, Boogie Fever $ 13.00
The String Benders   Includes Tangled Up in Blue, Move On $ 13.00
Dave Steffen Band Volume One   Re-release of an Early Favorite $ 13.00
Dave Steffen Band Volume Two   Re-release of Another Early Fan Favorite $ 13.00
Shipping and Billing Information
   2. Bill my credit card for these purchases.
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  3. I'm enclosing check or money order for payment.
  If paying by check or money order, check the box above. You'll be prompted to print an order form that MUST be mailed with your payment. Please indicate your unique order number on the check (money order) and include your printed invoice. You will also receive an email confirmation for your records.

If you order and pay by personal check, CD will not be shipped until the check has cleared our bank.
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  7. Gift Card?
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  8. Proceed to the next screen to Select Quantities.
  When you click the "Select Quantities" button your chosen items will be listed and you can select the number of each item if you want. Nothing is processed or billed until you preview your invoice. The buttons on this page do not process any billing. And, thanks for supporting the The Dave Steffen Band
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